New York Film Locations

Film Locations

Film production in New York City began in the nineteen forties with "The Naked City". Films were mostly made in Hollywood and London at the time, and occasionally went on location to places like Las Vegas and Paris, though primarily to take advantage of Las Vegas hotel deals or stay at a nice Paris hotel. A decade later and film-makers were soon flocking to New York City. In 1954, another New York production "On the Waterfront" won eight Oscars, including Best Picture, at the Academy Awards. In 1955, “Marty” also won Best Picture and three other Oscars. Since those days there have been hundreds of films and television shows filmed in the streets of Manhattan, but not all of them have been true to their word with clever special effects, library footage and even other cities playing the part of New York have been used to keep film budgets low. reveals the Apartment Buildings, Office Blocks and Street locations for some of the most famous films shot in New York City as well as the not so famous.

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Greatest New York Film Scenes

On the Set of New presents a collection of the most famous, distinguished, unforgettable and memorable film scenes shot in New York City. From "Breakfast at Tiffany's" when Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golighty, still wearing a Givenchy evening dress from the night before, staring dreamily into gem-filled Tiffany's window as she consumes a breakfast of take-out coffee and a Danish - to - "Vanilla Sky" where Tom Cruise as David Aames finds himself completely alone in Times Square.

Most Popular Films

Fatal Attraction 54 For Love or Money Ghost Hitch
New York I Love You The Family Man No Reservations Confessions of a Shopaholic One Fine Day
How to Lose Friends Bride Wars Sex and the City 2 Shortcut to Happiness When in Rome

Manhattan Movie Map Challenge

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Popular NYC Film Locations

New York City has many famous buildings and places. Click the link below to find out their history as well as discover the films that have featured them.

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