New York Film Locations

Film Locations (Coming Soon)

Here is a list of films that will shortly be added to the website.

Film Locations (Future Releases for 2014 - 2015)

Here is a list of films that are currently in production or have recently been filmed in New York City and are awaiting a cinema or DVD release date.

Film Locations (Unavailable)

Here is a list of films that are currently unavailable due to non DVD release in the UK. If however, you have a copy of any of the films mentioned here and would be willing to donate it to the makers of this website, please contact the All films will be returned to their original owners.

Top 40 Film Locations

The Top 40 Chart has been compiled from over 450 films that are featured in this website and based upon the most appearances of a particular Office Building, Church, Retail Store, Hotel, Museum, Bridge, Avenue, Street and Park in New York City. Click the link below to view the full chart listing and discover the films that have featured in all of the 40 locations.

Submit a Location

If you would like to submit a film location, please complete the form below and click on the submit button. The team at OnTheSetofNewYork endeavour to read and reply to all emails, however there is the occasional delay due to the amount of mail received each week.

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