New York Film Locations


Whipped (2000)

Brad (Brian Van Holt), Jonathan (Jonathan Abrahams) and Zeke (Zorie Barber) are all single and meet at a local restaurant every Sunday to discuss each other's sex lives. However, when each one of them falls for the beautiful Mia (Amanda Peet), their weekly ritual becomes something of a trial, and their once strong friendships are put at risk.

Market, 1291 Madison Avenue and East 92nd Street, Manhattan.

Battery Park, Manhattan.
  Battery Park is based in lower Manhattan and has been featured in films such as Desperately Seeking Susan, Men in Black and She's The One.  

Wythe Avenue and North 3rd Street, Brooklyn.

Relish Diner, 225 Wythe Avenue and North 3rd Street, Brooklyn.
  The Relish Diner in Brooklyn was also used in the film, Step Up 3D.  

Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, Manhattan.

Subway, Battery Place and Broadway, Manhattan.

Magazine Shop, 551 Hudson Street and Perry Street, Manhattan.

Madison Square Park, Madison Avenue and East 25th Street, Manhattan.


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