New York Film Locations


The Strike (2016)

When a trio of struggling and increasingly desperate thirty-something actors Alberto (Guillermo Ivan), Molly (Erin Fogel) and Richard (Christopher Marquez) discover that A-list talent agent Carlo Lombardi (Bronson Pinchot) is taking classes at the yoga studio where Molly teaches, they concoct the perfect scheme to convince him of their talent: Lay siege to the yoga studio, tie Carlo up and with a gun to his head give the performance of their lives! A perfect plan! Now what could go wrong? 'The Strike': Just cause they have a plan, doesn't mean they've got a clue!

Roosevelt Avenue and 54th Street, Woodside, Queens.

Times Square, Manhattan.
  Times Square is a major commercial intersection, at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Street.  

Arte Cafe, 108 West 73rd Street and Columbus Avenue, Manhattan.

House of Jai Yoga, 1456 1st Avenue and East 76th Street, Manhattan.

Atlantic Grill, 1341 3rd Avenue (btw East 76th and 77th Streets) Manhattan.

Maruzzella Restaurant, 1483 1st Avenue (btw East 77th and 78th Streets) Manhattan.

Caffe Noi, 1465 2nd Avenue (btw East 76th and 77th Streets) Manhattan.


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