New York Film Locations


The Night They Raided Minsky's (1968)

Rachel (Britt Ekland) arrives in New York from her Amish community intent on becoming a dancer. Unfortunately Billy Minsky's Burlesque is hardly the place for her Dances From The Bible. But the show's comedian Raymond sees a way of wrong-footing the local do-gooders by announcing the new Paris sensation "Mme Fifi" and putting on Rachel's performance as the place is raided. All too complicated, the more so since her father is scouring the town for her and both Raymond and his straight-man Chick are falling for Rachel.

Myrtle Avenue Elevated Subway, Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn.

Gayety Theatre, 181 2nd Avenue and East 12th Street, Manhattan.
  Gayety Theatre is now a cinema.  


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