New York Film Locations


Run All Night (2015)

Professional Brooklyn hitman Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson) is more commonly known as THE GRAVEDIGGER. Jimmy was a mob hit-man, who was best friends with his boss Shawn Maguire (Ed Harris). But when Jimmy's son, Michael, is marked for death by the mob, Jimmy must go up against Sean to protect Michael at all costs. Together, he and Michael must avoid corrupt cops, contract killers and the mob to survive the night.

Boxing Gym, 215 Plymouth Street and Bridge Street, Brooklyn.

Michael's Home, 59-24 56th Dr Queens and 59th Place, Queens.

Stop Inn, 60-22 Roosevelt Avenue and 61st Street, Woodside, New York.

Jimmy's House, 67-02 64th Place and 68th Avenue, Queens.

Times Square, Manhattan.
  Times Square is a major commercial intersection, at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Street.  

otsoNY Comments: Special thanks to Jim Azzara for finding this location.

Pennsylvania 6 Restaurant, 132 West 31st Street (btw 6th & 7th Avenues) Manhattan.

Madison Square Garden, 8th Avenue and West 33rd Street, Manhattan.


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