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18 May 2023

The scary movie "Scream VI" was set in New York City, but was actually shot in various locations in Montreal, a city in Quebec, Canada. Featured in the movie's poster is the world famous Empire State Building and what looks like Fifth Avenue.

Scream VI Film Poster

Mentioned on, the website stated that the 'sixth installment of the Scream franchise left Woodsboro, where "Scream 5" took place, and headed across the country for NYC, where Tara Carpenter and her friends attend Blackmore University. Setting the film in a huge city set it apart from all the other films. While not every Scream film took place in Woodsboro, none have set themselves in such a lively location. The large landscape allowed the franchise to reinvent itself as Ghostface could be hiding anywhere in the city, ready to attack when necessary'.

The website went onto say 'One of the best scenes of "Scream VI" was when Mindy Meeks-Martin gets attacked on the subway. It showcased the chaos of New York City and how most New Yorkers are unconcerned with what's going on around them. As Mindy panicked over the many Scream Ghostface costumes crowding the subway, the other riders were unphased. Even when she was stabbed by the real Ghostface, many were oblivious. However, while the film was set in New York City, it was actually shot in a different locale, with various locations made to look like the city that never sleeps'.

To conclude, the filmmakers shot around Sherbrooke Street and other areas in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. They transformed the Canadian streets into New York by adding yellow taxis to the streets and even creating fake subway stations to look like the 45th street subway station. They also changed the names of various stores and added Halloween decorations as the film takes place on Halloween.


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