New York Film Locations


Urge (2016)

A weekend getaway takes a dangerous turn when a mysterious nightclub owner (Pierce Brosnan) introduces a group of friends to a new designer drug. Stripped of their inhibitions, they start living out their wildest fantasies - but what starts out as a fun night of partying quickly turns deadly, as the island paradise deteriorates into a tropical madhouse.

otsoNY Comments: Though there is a helicopter pad seamlessly attached to the roof of the midtown Manhattan building, in real life there is no evidence that it actually exists.

1155 6th Avenue (btw West 44th and 45th Streets) Manhattan.
  The 511-foot, 40-story modernist office building was completed in 1984 and designed by Emery Roth & Sons. There is a small plaza on the south side of the tower, with a central, recessed, 3-story entry with glass doors. The southwest and southeast corners are angled, and there is a projecting 6-story base section with rounded corners on the east and north elevations.  


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