New York Film Locations


(Untitled) (2009)

Set in the artsy Chelsea, this satirical film centers on a young bohemian avant-garde composer Adrian (Adam Goldberg), who becomes involved with a trendy New York art gallery owner, Madeleine (Marley Shelton). Adrian is a composer who makes music by breaking glass and kicking metal buckets. In contrast to Adrian is his brother Josh, a successful painter who happens to bring Madeline to one of his brother's concerts. Madeleine is immediately drawn to Adrian's work and invited him to perform at her gallery and into her bedroom. Eventually, Josh discovers the secret relationship btw Madeleine and Adrian, and the fact that Madeleine has been using Josh's paintings, which have commercial appeal, to keep the gallery running while it features more avant-garde work.

Broadway and West 24th Street, Manhattan.

West 25th Street and 10th Avenue, Chelsea, Manhattan.

Art Gallery, 512 West 25th Street and 10th Avenue, Manhattan.


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