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Two for the Money Apartment

Film: Two for the Money
Home: Walter Abrams
Address: 8 Furman Street, Brooklyn.

The house with the red door in Brooklyn Heights is close to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Additional Film Locations: Two for the Money

Walter Abrams lives and works from number 8 Furman Street in Brooklyn Height. He is a slick head for one of the biggest sports consulting operations in the United States, who has recently employed Brandon Lang to help him make tremendous amounts of money through gamberling on sports events. Walter has an in-depth knowledge of the game, leagues and players and hosts a cable television show called, The Sports Advisors. When Walter is not working, he relaxes with his wife Toni.

This building is located in Brooklyn close to the Brooklyn Bridge and offers a delightful view of lower Manhattan.

otsoNY Comments: The property was used for exterior and internal use.


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