New York Film Locations


They Came Together (2014)

Joel (Paul Rudd), a candy company executive, threatens to close down Molly's (Amy Poehler) mom-and-pop candy store, but the unlikely pair begin to fall in love.

Knickerbocker Bar, 33 University Place and East 9th Street, Manhattan.

Subway, Broadway and West 79th Street, Manhattan.

otsoNY Comments: There are several references made to You've Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally. In this scene, Molly is in a bookshop with her friend when she bumps into Joel, much like Meg Ryan's character in When Harry Met Sally.

Strand Book Store, 828 Broadway and East 12th Street, Manhattan.

Tazza, 72 Clark Street and Henry Street, Brooklyn.

7th Avenue and Garfield Place, Brooklyn.

Joel's Workplace, 815 2nd Avenue and East 44th Street, Manhattan.

2nd Avenue (btw East 43rd and 44th Street) Manhattan.

201 West 71st Street and Broadway, Manhattan.

Park Way, Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Brooklyn.


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