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The Owl and the Pussycat (1970)

Can a bickering odd couple in Manhattan become friends and maybe more? Owlish Felix (George Segal) is an unpublished writer who vents his frustration by reporting to the super that the woman in a neighboring flat takes the occasional payment for sex. She's Doris (Barbra Streisand), more wildcat than pussycat, and when Felix's peeping-tom-tattle-tale routine gets her bounced from her apartment, she knocks at his door at 3 AM, aggressive and ticked off. They yell, lose another apartment, and pick up where they left off in a friend's flat and beyond. Dancing by the light of the moon seems unlikely for this owl and pussycat.

346 East 59th Street and 1st Avenue, Manhattan.

400 East 59th Street and 1st Avenue, Manhattan.


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