New York Film Locations


Side Street (1950)

Joe Norson (Farley Granger), a poor letter carrier with a sweet, pregnant wife, yields to momentary temptation and steals $30,000 belonging to a pair of ruthless blackmailers who won't stop at murder. After a few days of soul-searching, Joe offers to return the money, only to find that the "friend" he left it with has absconded. Now every move Joe makes plunges him deeper into trouble, as he's pursued and pursuing through the shadowy, sinister side of New York.

New York County Supreme Court, 60 Centre Street, Financial, Manhattan.

Central Park (South East Corner) Manhattan.

Near Brooklyn Bridge, Lower East Side, Manhattan.

Bellevue Hospital Center, 1st Avenue and East 26th Street, Manhattan.

Beauty Salon, 29 West 8th Street (btw 5th & 6th Avenues) Manhattan.

Wall Street and Broad Street, Manhattan.


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