New York Film Locations


Night and the City (1992)

Harry Fabian (Robert De Niro) is a failed lawyer. Helen Nasseros (Jessica Lange) is a common waitress. Together they get in a downward spiral, as they can't seem to deal with there problems. The lawyer just failed winning a case in court against a famous boxing organiser and he wants revenge by catching the organizer on his own territory: boxing. Although he knows nothing about boxing, with his fine talk he finds the help of a couple of people like the brother of his new enemy. But the relationship with his waitress doesn't make things double as hard.

Elaine's Restaurant, 1703 2nd Avenue and East 88th Street, Manhattan.

Bar, 190 West 4th Street and Barrow Street, Manhattan.

Restaurant, 344 West 11th Street and Washington Street, Manhattan.


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