New York Film Locations


My Sister Eileen (1955)

Ruth (Betty Garrett) and her sister Eileen (Janet Leigh) come to New York's Greenwich Village looking for "fame, fortune and a 'For Rent' sign on Barrow Street". They find an apartment (such as it is!), but fame and fortune are a lot more elusive. Ruth gets the attention of playboy publisher Bob Baker when she submits a story about her gorgeous sister Eileen. She tries to keep his attention by convincing him that she, (a "spinsterish old-maid writer") and the gorgeous, man-getting Eileen are one and the same person.

Thompson Street and Washington Square South, Manhattan.

Barrow Street (btw Bedford Street & Commerce Street) Manhattan.

otsoNY Comments: There is no actual footage of Greenwich Village with the actors in. Following the opening credits, all of the scenes were shot on a sound stage.


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