New York Film Locations


Love Eterne (2011)

As Medina (Melissa Navia) nears her twenty-ninth birthday, the forces that drove her to success at a young age seem to have lost their momentum and are beginning to bring her down. After the recent loss of her fiancé, one setback leads to another, driving her to a near nervous breakdown. She turns to her closest friends, Sidonia (Bonnie Piesse) and Tesla (Romy Valentina), and her brother Enzo (Francesco Plazza) for support. Meanwhile, Quinn (James Gill) lost everything to his girlfriend, Nilda, while his friends, Fera (Terilyn Marshelle-Fleming) and her husband, Camden (Jorell Stills Haigler) keep a close eye on him. Two lives shattered, but pain doesn't have to last forever.

West 63rd Street and Columbus Avenue, Manhattan.

Commerce Street and Bedford Street, Manhattan.

High Line Park, 519 West 23rd Street, Meatpacking District, Manhattan.


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