New York Film Locations


Killer's Kiss (1955)

Prize-fighter Davey Gordon (Jamie Smith) intervenes when private dancer Gloria Price (Irene Kane) is being attacked by her employer and lover Vincent Raphello. This brings the two together and they get involved with each other, which displeases Raphello. He sends men out to kill Davey, but they instead kill his friend. Gloria is soon kidnapped by Raphello and his men, and it is up to Davy to save her.

Times Square, Manhattan.
  Times Square is a major commercial intersection, at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Street.

Webcam: Times Square Live Webcam

Plymouth Street and Adams Street, Brooklyn.

otsoNY Comments: The car pulls up on 7th Avenue and Gloria Price steps out. She runs towards the station. But moments later as she enters the station, you can clearly see the New York Post Office building in the distance and the sign stating that she has entered the station using the 8th Avenue entrance.

7th Avenue and West 32nd Street, Manhattan.

Pennsylvania Station, 8th Avenue and West 34th Street, Manhattan.


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