New York Film Locations


Johnny Suede (1991)

Johnny (Brad Pitt) is the central character, an aspiring though mildly taltented musician, infatuated with suede and Ricky Nelson. Painting apartments with Deke provided Johnny with his only source of income. Johnny falls in love with Darlette (Alison Moir), a beautiful troubled girl who appears to be the girl of his dreams. During their intensely brief relationship, Johnny becomes obsessed with Darlette and is devastated when she abruptly leaves him to go back to her boyfriend who lives across the street from Johnny. The pain of Darlette's rejection stiffens Johnny's resolve to launch his musical career. He forms his band, Johnny and the Persueders, an unelikely quartet of misfits drawn from the neighbourhood. On his way to rehersal he stops a tiny cowboy from looking up a woman's dress and thereby meets Yvonne.

River Street and N 1st Street, Brooklyn.


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