New York Film Locations


I'm with Lucy (2002)

It's an hour before Lucy's (Monica Potter) wedding and her best friend wants to hear all about what led up to that moment. So, Lucy tells about the five men she had blind dates with over the past year (Doug, Gabriel, Bobby, Barry, and Luke) and her experiences with each one. As each date is told at the same time as the other four, the many ups and downs of new relationships are shown. So, while some dates start off terribly, but end well others are just the opposite. But which one of the five men is Lucy about to walk down the aisle with?

Bloomingdale's, 1000 3rd Avenue and East 59th Street, Manhattan.

Carnegie Hill Mansion, 2 East 91st Street and 5th Avenue, Manhattan.

Alice in Wonderland, Central Park (East 74th Street) Manhattan.

Conservatory Water Central Park (from 72nd to 75th Street) Manhattan.

Shop, 793 Broadway and East 10th Street, Manhattan.


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