New York Film Locations


Holy Rollers (2010)

Sam Gold (Jesse Eisenberg), studying to become a Rabbi, reluctantly follows the path his family has chosen for him. A charming neighbor, Yosef , senses Sam's discontent and propositions him to transport medicine for an Israeli dealer, and his girlfriend, Rachel (Ari Graynor). Sam quickly demonstrates his business skill to his bosses, who instantly take Sam under their wing. Exposed to the exciting and gritty worlds of Manhattan and Amsterdam nightlife, Sam spirals deeper into their lifestyle. Sam's double life begins to rip his family apart. Slowly he comes to realize the façade behind the easy money and parties. Caught between life as a smuggler and the righteous path, he goes on the run, forced to make a fatal decision that could bring the entire operation crashing down.

Fabric Warehouse, 294 Grand Street and Eldridge Street, Manhattan.

Brooklyn Bridge, Lower East Side, Manhattan.
  The Brooklyn Bridge, built between 1869 and 1883, connects Manhattan with New York's most populous borough, Brooklyn, at the time one of the country's largest cities. The bridge is one of the most magnificent landmarks in New York.  

otsoNY Comments: French supermodel Alizee Guinochet makes an appearance in this scene.

Marquee Nightclub, 289 10th Avenue and West 26th Street, Manhattan.


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