New York Film Locations


Diving Normal (2013)

Fulton (Philipp Karner), an ambitious Brooklynite graphic novelist, and Gordon (Scotty Crowe), his socially awkward neighbour, are best friends who both vie for the attention of Dana (Susie Abromeit), a beautiful but damaged girl. Fulton and Dana begin dating, but the increasingly complicated situation is compounded by their pasts of abandonment, accident, and sexual deviation. After discovering that Fulton has gone to visit his ex-girlfriend, things take a dark turn as Dana relapses and debases with drugs and alcohol. Gordon becomes Dana's caretaker, and as they grow closer, the trio's relationships are tested.

Basik Bar, 323 Graham Avenue and Devoe Street, Brooklyn.

Metropolitan Avenue and Union Avenue, Brooklyn.

Adams Street and Water Street, Brooklyn.

otsoNY Comments: Special thanks to Bob Egan for finding this location.

Apartment, 260 Moore Street and White Street, Brooklyn.


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