New York Film Locations


Blue Steel (1989)

NYPD officer Megan Turner (Jamie Lee Curtis), the lone officer on the scene, shoots and kills the perpetrator of a supermarket hold-up. Since no gun was found on the perpetrator's person or at the scene and none of the witnesses could corroborate Megan's story definitively that the perpetrator was indeed wielding a gun, she is suspended from active duty. The weapon has been stolen from the crime scene by stockbroker Eugene Hunt (Ron Silver) who becomes obsessed with the incident, and begins dating the cop while secretly using the gun to carry out a murder spree.

New York Stock Exchange, 11 Wall Street and Broad Street, Manhattan.

Restaurant, 539 East 81st Street and East End Avenue, Manhattan.
  The restaurant at 539 East 81st Street is now called East End Kitchen.  

Subway, Williams Street and Wall Street, Manhattan.

Exchange Place and William Street, Manhattan.


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