New York Film Locations


Bait (2000)

Alvin Sanders (Jamie Foxx), a fast-talking street punk, is on his way to prison when he's stuck in a holding cell with a dying guy who has a $43 million secret: where stolen gold is hidden. With his last breath, the guy tells Alvin something that makes no sense to the US Treasury agent, Clenteen (David Morse), who soon interrogates Alvin. Eighteen months later, Clenteen wants to find the robbery's mastermind, an elusive computer genius named Bristol, so he lets Alvin loose, as bait. As Alvin tries to find a job, make peace with his girlfriend, and take on fatherhood to a baby born while he was in jail, he's an unwitting pawn caught between the murderous Bristol and the uptight, hard-nosed Clenteen.

East 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue, Manhattan.

Central Park South and Grand Army Plaza, Manhattan.

Yankee Stadium, East 161st Street and River Avenue, Bronx.


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