New York Film Locations


August (2008)

Tom (Josh Hartnett) and Josh Sterling (Adam Scott) have a start-up dot-com. It's gone public to initial success. Josh is the technical genius. Tom is the fast-talking and abrasive CEO, in charge of the business side. It's August, 2001, less than a month before they can sell their shares and, perhaps, make lots of money. But the company is running out of cash, its main client is stalling, and share values are falling. For Tom to maintain the firm's appearance, he must find cash: investors could rescue him, but at a high cost of his potential wealth and company control. Tom goes to his brother for a loan. At the same time, an old flame, Sarrah, comes back to the city. Can Tom hold things together, bravura and all?

West 27th Street (btw 10th and 11th Avenues) Manhattan.

West 29th Street and 12th Avenue, Manhattan.

Office, 180 Maiden Lane and Front Street, Manhattan.

Pravda, 281 Lafayette Street and Prince Street, Manhattan.

Greenwich Street and Rector Street, Manhattan.

The Pussycat Lounge, 96 Greenwich Street and Rector Street, Manhattan.


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