New York Film Locations


In Production: The Longest Week

27 December 2012

The Longest Week is an upcoming romantic comedy film, written and directed by Peter Glanz. The film stars Olivia Wilde, Jason Bateman and Billy Crudup in the lead roles, and is being produced by Uday Chopra, along with Neda Armian. It is the first project of Yash Raj Film's subsidiary Hollywood production house YRF Entertainment.

The film is still in production and currently being shot in New York City. The plot centres on Dylan, played by Jason Bateman, who is a trust fund baby left to be raised by the staff of his parents hotel whilst his mother and father take a twenty year holiday in Paris. When his parents return, Dylan is in his thirties and they drop the bomb that they are getting divorced. Dylan is forced out on the streets and must reassess his place in life.


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