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Restaurant from Last Night is Found!

12 August 2012

After months of searching the streets of Manhattan, scanning through on-set photographs of actress Keira Knightley standing outside the unidentified venue in a hope of finding a clue to its locations, New Yorker Teri Tynes has finally tracked down the elusive restaurant.

Located in the SoHo area of Manhattan at number 90 Thompson Street, close to String Street, Le Pescadeux is Quebecois French restaurant that serves mainly seafood with some meat entree options.

It was used in the film, Last Night which starred Keira Knightley, Eva Mendes, Guillaume Canet and Sam Worthington, more recently seen in the gripping thriller, Man on a Ledge. During the filming in October 2008, the restaurant was used for a dinner scene with Keira and Guillaume after their chance meeting on Thompson Street.

OTSONY thanks Teri for providing the missing location.

Link: Le Pescadeux website


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