New York Film Locations


Another Milestone Moment

12 May 2015

This week sees the 1100th film posted on otsoNY.

With several films waiting in the wing for this celebrated position, it was the indie qualities and unique storyline which put “Like Sunday, Like Rain” ahead of the rest.

The independent drama stars the original New York Gossip Girl herself, Leighton Meester as Eleanor, a 23-year-old sometime musician who having slacker boyfriend troubles and recently fired from her waitressing job, seeks a new place to live and a new job as an inexperienced au pair for a 12-year-old cello prodigy and all-around genius.

Written and directed by Frank Whaley, the film which was shot in just 20 days during the summer of 2013 and also stars Debra Messing, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Julian Shatkin.


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