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Broken City Filming in New York

5 November 2011

Broken City begins filming in New York City. The film which stars Mark Wahberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones centres on an ex-cop trailing the wife of New York City's mayor who finds himself immersed in a larger scandal.

Catherin Zeta-Jones was last seen in New York in the 2009 comedy, The Rebound and before that No Reservations. Now she returns after two years of supporting her husband, Michael Douglas fight cancer, with actors Mark Walberg and Russell Crowe in the gritty crime thriller, Broken City. Directed by Allen Hughes, the film follows Billy Taggart played by Mark Wahlberg, an ex-cop thrown off the force after shooting a 16-year-old kid. Eight years later, he is now working as a private detective and is hired by the colourful incumbent in the New York mayoral race to investigate his wife’s infidelity. Russell Crowe will play the mayor, with Zeta-Jones as his philandering wife.

Filming is expected to start on Tuesday at East 51st Street near to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and on Wednesday at East 50th Street and 5th Avenue.


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