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Top 100 NYC Film Chart

5 August 2012

OTSONY is on the verge of posting a top 100 chart of films that have been shot in New York.

The list, which will be released a month after TimeOut New York magazine published their top 100 NYC films is based on films that were popular in the era of release, successful at the Box Office and have lasted the test of time. The TimeOut list was heavily criticized for leaving out mainstream classic films such as Die Hard With A Vengeance, Spider-Man, Working Girl and Crocodile Dundee, and instead including Mrs Parker and the Vicious Circle and Eyes Wide Shut, which were actually filmed in parts of Canada and England.

With an endless choice of New York based films, the makers of OTSONY have tried to compile an objective list of films which would have entertained over seven decades of cinema goers. Film titles such as the spooky Ghostbusters, the scary thriller Fatal Attraction and Marilyn Monroe’s most famous film appearance in The Seven Year Itch all feature in the top 100 chart, which will be posted online next week: Wednesday 15th August 2012.


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