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666 Park Avenue TV Show

3 February 2013

The New York based TV show, 666 Park Avenue has been cancelled by the television network, ABC.

TV Show: 666 Park Avenue

The show followed the owners and residents of an upscale albeit mysterious building known as “The Drake”, which was supposed to be situated at 666 Park Avenue, but in fact the show makers opted to use The Ansonia based at 2109 Broadway and West 73rd Street.

Cast from 666 Park Avenue

The Ansonia has appeared in several films such as the Michael Douglas action drama, “Don’t Say a Word”, the 1992 thriller Single White Female and more recently, the 2007 film, Perfect Stranger starring Bruce Willis and Halle Berry.

The Ansonia steps in for 666 Park Avenue

Owners Gavin Duran, played by the Diabolical Terry O’Quinn, and his wife Olivia Duran, played by the lovely Vanessa Williams, seem to have plans for their new apartment managers, Jan Van Veen played by Rachael Taylor and Henry Martin played by Dave Annabelle and any other residents that serve their purposes.

The Real 666 Park Avenue Building

ABC ordered the pilot in January 2012, and in May the same year it was later picked up for a full first season of thirteen episodes. The show aired on Sunday evenings but in November, ABC announced that the series had been cancelled, but would finish its thirteen-episode run, although the final four episodes would be delayed until this coming summer.

Rachael Taylor

It is the second TV show that Rachael Taylor has starred in that has also been cancelled in its first season. Back in 2011, Rachael starred alongside Annie Llonzeh and Minka Kelly in the TV remake of Charlie’s Angels.

Charlie's Angels: Rachael Taylor, Minka Kelly and Annie Llonzeh


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